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[cdt-dev] Advice on cdt

I can't find a general users guide to the cdt in eclipse, so I'm hoping
someone here can help me. I appreciate this isn't a users mailing
list, but there doesn't seem to be one of those.  I really liked the 3.3
versions, but I upgraded to Ganymede and everything went wrong. The
program now takes about 20s to open a small text file in the editor, it
now wants to compile all of the projects in my workspace. I've
downgraded from 3.4 to 3.3 but the difficulties remain. I think some
files must have been left behind.

I'm just a relatively basic C++/ java programmer who wants to jump from
project to project in a workspace and use my own makefiles, I don't want
to use a managed build.

My computer is a 2.2GHz dual  core  with 4gb ram running gentoo linux so
should be faster enough.
Thanks for the help,
James Allsopp

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