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[cdt-dev] Is -std a common/GNU gcc flag?

I had to add -std=c99 in order to get a for enumeration compiled for Objective-C 2.0 (at least, it complained as such) and I'm thinking of adding this in as a flag by default for ObjectivEClipse. I've done it via the 'miscellaneous' parameters at the moment, but it struck me that there's probably some common ground with non-Objective-C projects too, and that it's probably a standard Gnu option (not documented as APPLE_ONLY in the manpage).

It seems that it can take one of a number of values:


as well as a few aliases to the same.

If there's desire to have this in CDT (i.e. it makes sense to change this for more than just my nefarious ways) then I'm happy to contribute it as a change to the cdt.gnu compiler options. But I'd like to know from someone on a non-Darwin system whether this makes sense or not?


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