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[cdt-dev] How to integrate multiple toolchains with same project type?


I am using eclipse 3.4.1 and cdt 5.0.1 . 

I am facing a problem with multiple toolchains with same project type ( having different project type ids and toochain Ids. 
I am using three extension point for this 
1)  org.eclipse.cdt.managebuilder.core.buildDefinitions
2)  org.eclipse.cdt.core.templateAssociations   (The template id used in this is same as template.xml file)
3)  org.eclipse.cdt.newWizardPages

I have different custom wizard pages for different toolchain but the template is same. When I select the first toolchain i.e. Toolchain A all the associated wizard pages are displayed properly. However, if I select the second toolchain i.e. toolchain B, the associated wizard pages for the first toolchain are also displayed.

I have specified the 'toolchain' and 'projecttype' for every wizard page. However, this does not seem to work.

How can I give condition like if toolchain A is selected display a particular custom wizard page and if toolchain B is selected display another custom wizard page?

I am using same template for both the tool chain.

Have I missed some setting?


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