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[cdt-dev] Projects not always recognized and .metadata directory question

I used FreeBSD, Ubuntu, and RHEL systems  at different times to work
on the same c++ projects. (The projects are NOT collaborative, I'm the
only person who ever works on them.)  I use Eclipse-CDT (ganymede).
There is a single folder (~/ncsu/workspace) which I sync across
systems so I can work on my projects from any system.

Question (1). Sometimes when I open Eclipse, it doesn't show my
projects, and I have to import them.  This seems to happen on all the
systems.  The issue may arise because I'm using a non-default
workspace directory.  But even after switching to ~/ncsu/workspace, I
often still have to import them.  Does anyone have any experience
dealing with this issue?

Question (2). Do I need to be syncing the ".metadata" directory
(within the "workspace directory") across systems?  If I choose not
to, what kinds of information will I potentially lose?


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