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Re: [cdt-dev] Chinese character support in debug

Thanks. I can see the 'console encoding' option in the common tab of the debug launch configuration, and then there is workspace text file encoding. Both were set to default of Cp1252...

I wonder if I need to install more encoding formats into Eclipse?

2009/6/17 Eric Hildum <xfq473@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
There are (at least) three separate settings for character encoding in Eclipse/CDT. You have to have them all set correctly for things to work properly if you are using anything other than the current Windows code page.

There is a project setting, and console setting, and something else which I cannot recall at this point (I hit this issue over two years ago with a sample project).

Note: as I recall, Eclipse also confuses character set and character encoding, so settings are not always named correctly and you cannot be certain what will actually be changed by the setting. Unfortunately, this confusion occurs in standards, many common reference sources, etc. so we are always going to have to guess what is actually meant.

Correct definitions:

Character set - the set of characters in use/represented (where each character can have one or more glyphs associated with it).

Character encoding - the assignment of numeric values to the characters in the character set.

Character encoding DOES NOT uniquely specify the character set, though common usage in the industry implies that this is the case. In several major cases, the same encoding scheme can be used with multiple character sets and you need additional information to know which character set is being used with the encoding.

On Wed, Jun 17, 2009 at 7:52 AM, Mike Wrighton <mike.wrighton@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
There are a few bugs related to similar issues but I think this is
slightly different - I've installed and enabled Chinese character
support in windows and created a CDT project where everything is ASCII
apart from the workspace directory which is in Chinese. When I try to
debug it, I can see that one of the MI commands passed to GDB is:

13-environment-cd C:\\??\\test

Where "??" should actually be the chinese workspace directory. This
causes the debugger to complain and the session is terminated.

Should Chinese characters in filenames work in CDT + GDB?

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