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Re: [cdt-dev] Bug fix late in the release?

The only statement we have about ramp-down in CDT policy is this:

* When development reaches cycle where release candidates are built, letter in cdt-dev should be sent for every commit you are making

Pawel Piech wrote:
In Device Debugging we had a published ramp-down policy which specified what kinds of changes were acceptable for which builds, and what approvals were needed for them. Historically in CDT, I don't think a documented ramp-down policy was ever maintained so developers use their own judgment as far as what changes to make late in the release cycle, and who to notify of the changes. Personally, this ambiguity makes me rather uncomfortable but as component leaders I think we could devise our own ramp-down policy. As for this particular change, my advice is that you follow your own judgment :-)


Marc Khouzam wrote:


DSF-GDB currently leaves GDB running after the debugged program finishes.
It seems people find this confusing and may give the impression that
DSF-GDB is not behaving well.  I'm afraid it may make some people
think it has bugs and dissuade them from using it.

I wrote a patch to add a preference to control this behavior, and make
the default be the same as CDI (kill GDB when program terminates)

The preference is a UI change, and there is some minor API changes
(two new methods and an interface file).

I'm looking for some guidance if I should commit this for 6.0 or not.
The main point is that I don’t want to have some behavior that would
turn off people from using DSF-GDB.

Thanks for any opinions.



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