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[cdt-dev] Bug fix late in the release?

Title: Bug fix late in the release?


DSF-GDB currently leaves GDB running after the debugged program finishes.
It seems people find this confusing and may give the impression that
DSF-GDB is not behaving well.  I'm afraid it may make some people
think it has bugs and dissuade them from using it.

I wrote a patch to add a preference to control this behavior, and make
the default be the same as CDI (kill GDB when program terminates)

The preference is a UI change, and there is some minor API changes
(two new methods and an interface file).

I'm looking for some guidance if I should commit this for 6.0 or not.
The main point is that I don’t want to have some behavior that would
turn off people from using DSF-GDB.

Thanks for any opinions.


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