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RE: [cdt-dev] module specific source lookup


Would it work if you simply define add a new "module" source container
type? You can add path mappings as child containers to it.


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I am in the process of integrating our backend debugger in Eclipse using
the DSF framework. Here is one use case I need to satisfy. 

The user is debugging a program that has multiple modules (DLLs, shared
objects). Each of the modules (DLLs, shared objects) is compiled
separately - the source files for that module are in their own directory

Most importantly - the names of the source files compiled into different
modules can be the same but they really are different files. For example
"main.c" can appear in many modules. 

The user suspends the program. The Debug View shows stack frames from
different modules. Some of the frames point to a source files with the
same name - "main.c" but different module. 

The debugger will properly identify which "main.c" is from which
directory structure because the module name plus the source file name
will uniquely identify the location of the source file. 

In some cases the OUT file can be moved away from the location it was
built. In these cases the user will be prompted to specify the path to
one of the source files for that module. The rest of the source files
will be found automatically. The information the user entered will be
specific for that module and won't be used to perform source lookup for
other modules. 

I think the main idea here is: A soruce location is based not only on
source file name but also on module name. That will provide more
accurate information to perform source lookup. 

If other people think this approach for source lookup makes sense and
will benefit other users, I could open a Bugzilla entry and further
discuss the requirements, design and implementation for this use case. 


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