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RE: [cdt-dev] Directory structure rebellion - Embedded development

> Actually the e4 stuff is basically *done* and working -- the most
> important thing there is the UI support for creating the linked
> resources easily & being able to have relative "Path variables" so
> different people checking out the same source don't have to set a path
> variable for things to be relative to.  Serge has implemented some
> other neat bits -- such as resource filters.
> You should checkout Serge's screencasts if you're interested:

Well this is *very* encouraging - thank you for the link.

I was a little nervous at the point where groups and portable linked
resources were introduced fearing it would be too complex, at least in
comparison to other IDEs.  However watching on a bit and seeing how they are
created it appears that dragging files into the project will create the
portable linked resources automatically - so users unfamiliar with Eclipse
should not get bamboozled with the terminology and processes.

My work has made me familiar with probably every IDE in common use for
deeply embedded applications today.  People coming from this background do
struggle with Eclipse as to them a lot is un-intuitive.  I guess deeply
embedded is not your primary concern - but personally I would like to
promote the use of Eclipse more in that field and its great to see somebody
who has been so involved in CodeWarrior working on this so closely.  The
more of the underlying mechanisms that are hidden the better.

While I don't have the time or skills to assist in your developments
directly (the FreeRTOS plug-in being my only attempt at Java since
university) I would be more than happy to help in any other ways I can.
FreeRTOS developers could provide a good test bench for E4.


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