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[cdt-dev] I could use some help on new wizard pages !

Hi there,

Eclipse: 3.4.1
CDT: 5.0.1

I'm trying to extend the wizard for the creation of new C/C++ projects
with additional
pages. I've found the extension point
which obviously addresses my needs so I wrote a page which properly
showed up.
When I add a second page it doesn't seem to appear which means that I
can't reach
the second page I've added (and yes, I've updated the wizard container
My extension declaration looks like this:

  <extension point="org.eclipse.cdt.managedbuilder.ui.newWizardPages">

As this is really trivial I do not understand why it's not working. I
also can't find
any kind of exception within the log file so I'm hoping that someone
here on the
list can show me the right direction (or probably point to a bug).

With friendly regards

Daniel Kasmeroglu

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