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Re: [cdt-dev] project configurations (includes paths etc)

On Fri, May 22, 2009 at 05:42:16AM +0100, James Blackburn wrote:
> Hi Marc
> This is the sort of thing the external setting provider extension point is 
> good for. You can use it to provide additional paths to the build system 
> dynamically; implementing this should be straightforward.

A) I still don't know exactly where to start because I'm new to this
  Eclipse plugin developement in general.

  a) Is it wrong to use the "Extensions" tab of the bundle manifest
  editor to start using the extension point?

  The wiki (from which you've copy pasted) says:

    externalSettingsProviders = new LinkedHashSet<String>(Arrays.asList(ICConfigurationDescription.getExternalSettingsProviderIds())); 
    ICConfigurationDescription.setExternalSettingsProviderIds(externalSettingsProviders.toArray(new String[0]));

  However I've some trouble to see which is the best way to get an
  interface providing the getExternalSettingsProviderIds method.

  Looking at the test case I see this usage:

    CoreModel model = CoreModel.getDefault();
    ICProjectDescription des = model.getProjectDescription(project);
    ICConfigurationDescription cfgDes = des.getConfigurations()[0];
    // get extPIds and add item then

  However the project originates from p1.getProject(); which is a
  testcase class field.

  How to do this in real life?

  Assign for Eclipse project opened/ closed event notifications

  About the bug report: I'd be glade to add one. However I'd rather work
  on providing an example.

B) You could also add a small note the project settings dialog.

  "Customize settings? See extension point as explained on wiki :

  Why ? getting includes right is the first thing you have to do.
  I already found some howtos telling you how to manually add all includes.
  But that's tedious.

C) You could make a small enhancement to the wiki or tell me how to sign up
   for a wiki account so that I can fix that myself.
  should reference to the team project set found on

  because if you follow those instructions you may miss the .ui bundle. (I

Marc Weber

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