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[cdt-dev] project configurations (includes paths etc)


Is there an easy way to add include paths automatically?
I'm talking about pkg-config tool or such. The easiest thing I can
imageine is letting the user specify some project specific shell scripts
echoing a list of include paths or asking cdt to parse a bunch of common
gcc optiosn such as -Ifoo -Ibar to add those parameters itself.
The same could be done for libraries/ lib dirs.

Another option would be letting the use add a very simple addtional
configuratio nfile such as .cproject.properites looking like this:

  additional-includes: foo bar # explicitely add a list of dirs
  parse-options: -Ifoo -IBar -Ldir -llibfoo -llibbar # make cdt figure out itself what to use (ignoring unkown options)

I've read about adding `pkg-config ...` to the Misc* options. However
does cdt recognize those include paths then?

I've also found a small python script (pkgconfig2cdt) which adds some
lines to the .cproject file after you've shutdown Eclipse. I don't want
to shutdown Eclipse when trying out another set of includes/ library
versions to compile my projects with.

If there is no easy way to do this yet I'd like to spend time on
implementing it. Maybe you can even assist me?

Marc Weber

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