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[cdt-dev] CSourceNotFoundEditor

When the user steps into a function during a debug session, and the file containing that function can't be found, a mostly-empty editor is shown. It contains a button that allows the user to "locate" the file. So that the file can be found again in future debug session, CDT adds a path mapping to the launch configuration which spawned the debug session. This is very useful.

However it could do better. Say the user terminates that debug session, and invokes another launch configuration which debugs the same executable. He steps into that same function. He gets the special editor again that asks him to locate the file. He grunts; he just spent 20 seconds telling the debugger where it is. Did it forget already? This scenario is common in multicore.

What I'm thinking of doing is enhancing the logic in CSourceNotFoundEditor to have it add the mapping to all launch configurations which reference the executable being debugged. I'm polling to see whether this is behavior the community wants. If so, I'll contribute it.


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