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[cdt-dev] referable static library not linking

Hi all

this may be slightly OT but as I know that this is the heart of the cdt development someone of you have developed this feature and can answer what to expect when working with several projects.

Ok, here we go..
I have two projects. One main project and a second static library project. I right click main project->properties-> project references.. and mark MyStaticLib as a reference.
Then I expect that it will both build and link but it only builds the library NOT linking it. Do I really have to add the library search path and the library name manually to the linkpage for each configuration(Release/Debug)?
Additional Libraries (-I)
MyStaticLib for Release
MyStaticLib for Debug
Search Directory for Libraries (-L)
${workspace_loc:/MyStaticLib/Release} for Release
${workspace_loc:/MyStaticLib/Debug} for Debug

If this expected .. is there any eclipse variable defining current configuration (Release/Debug) as there is a workspace_loc variable?
Or any other better way to set it up?

I remind that visual studio handle static libraries the expected way of both building and linking when referenced I expect eclipse do as well but how?


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