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RE: [cdt-dev] Regarding list of registers shown in Register View inDebug Perspective

Yes, that's correct. The GDB based implementation uses the corresponding
GDB/MI command (data-list-register-names) to display registers in the
Registers view.  

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Subject: [cdt-dev] Regarding list of registers shown in Register View
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Hi all,

I have got a query regarding the list of registers show by the debugger
in debug perspectives.

Since these list of registers vary based on the hardware architecture ,
does the respective debugger takes care ?

As far I guess if eclipse is using gdb for linux/solaris it would be
directly using "info registers" . And GDB Debugger tells that the output
of this command depends on the hardware architecture.

So, am I right in understanding that eclispe CDT Debug Launch uses this
command and thus list of registers shown in registers view are taken
care based on hardware. ?

Thanks & Regards,
       - Nayna Jain

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