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[cdt-dev] Should TM 3.1 go on the TM 3.0 update site?

Hi all,
As we're approaching the release date for TM 3.1, the question arises whether we'll want to create a new update site for the TM 3.1 contents, or use the existing TM 3.0 update site.
When we use the 3.0 site, then people who have last year's TM 3.0 installed can "Check for Updates" in order to get this year's 3.1. The EMF update site, for instance, works that way.
If we create a new site, updating automatically is not possible but requires manual interaction via "Install New Software". This may be desired if we anticipate any kinds of breaking changes that we'd rather not have deployed via "Check for Updates". The Eclipse Platform, for instance, works that way of creating a new site every year.
Note that even the "Automatically check for updates" functionality will always allow end users to review their updates, so I'm leaning towards re-using the existing 3.0 site, which currently looks like (attached).
Given that we're in all cases API compatible with 3.0 I don't see any issue with updating. The RemoteCDT Launcher is the only component I'm aware of that won't update like this since it's been moved to the CDT -- it will require manual uninstall / reinstall from the CDT if people want to update it.
Any thoughts?1
Martin Oberhuber, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Wind River
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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