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RE: [cdt-dev] multi launch

Welcome, Christian ;)
I'm also wondering if this is something we'd like to contribute to the Debug Platform, at least down the road. Would we design it differently if we had more control over the launch UI?

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Hi, Elena,

I don't have objections, but questions  :-)

What happens when a launch config that is referenced by the multi-launch is deleted?  Is the multi-launch config then broken, such that the user must repair it (by removing the reference to the missing launch, or perhaps replacing it with another) before it can be launched again?  This would seem intuitive to me.  Also, is there any kind of delete-participant or the like for launch configurations, by which you could pro-actively warn the user of the dependency from a multi-launch on a config that is being deleted?

How about validation of the sharing of these configs?  It might be a good idea to warn when a multi-launch that includes private launch configs is shared in the workspace.

Will a multi-launch track the processes that it creates so that they can be aggregated in a console, terminated as a group, etc?

Regarding a name for the launch config type, I think "Multi-Launch" is appropriate.  It doesn't imply semantics of pipeline or any other specific multi-process scenario, and names like "Launch Family" would connote a commonality of characteristics that also doesn't apply.  Perhaps "Launch Group" would be a less jargon-ish alternative.



On Tue, 2009-03-31 at 12:39 -0400, Elena Laskavaia wrote:
I was going to commit another launch configuration, which is "Multi Launch".
It has only one tab - user select "Add" to add another launch configuration (can be anything, including external)
and picks a mode of launch for it (run, debug, profiler, whatever or default). Default mean it would be launched in the mode in which multi-launch configuration
is launched. Any objections/suggestions? Also I am not sure how to call it.
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