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[cdt-dev] CDT Editing with indexer and parser


I want to ask some of the questions which some how gets clear; but just to have first hand opinion from those who are directly engaged in CDT development.

Is it right that C/C++ parser and indexer are available as an independent solution?

Is the CDT core will be the only plug-in required to provide the above functionality like C source refactoring, browsing, searching etc…? I don't want to incorporate the CDT UI plug-in. The reason behind is it adds other non related UI functionalities which no longer required.

Also is it right to say that all the C source browsing, refactoring, searching, content assist and views helping in editing based at indexed information from the parser?

Is there a way to have only C\C++ Editor available out of the box rather than having all CDT Project Manager? Since it is part of the UI plug-in so I doubt it will be possible but just to make sure.

Thanks in advance,


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