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Re: [cdt-dev] CDT does not perform will with "large" projects

Hi Jesper,

2009/3/3 Jesper Eskilson <jesper.eskilson@xxxxxx>:
> See attached thread dump generated by jvisualvm. I believe version info of
> the JVM is at the top of the thread dump. (I have a jvisualvm heap dump as
> well, but I'm not sure what information from it would be useful for
> debugging this.)

This is the 'infamous' incorrect use of ${project_loc},
${container_loc}, etc... issue. This variable is related to the
current UI context and is deadlock prone if you use it without an
argument (e.g. ${project_loc}/...).

You should probably use the cdt provided variable ${ProjDirPath} instead.

See for more.



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