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[cdt-dev] Add Library to current project clicking on menu/button

Dear All,

I want the functionality in which if I click on menu(button), a specific library should be added in my project. After that I can use the existing build option & run my project.
For this I have written following code. I just want to extract the current project & add the specific library "yes".

                              IManagedBuildInfo info = null;
                              try {
                                   info = ManagedBuildManager.getBuildInfo(proj);  // how do I get the current executing project here ?
                                 } catch (Exception e) {}
                             IManagedProject mProj = info.getManagedProject();
                             IConfiguration[] configs = mProj.getConfigurations();
                             for (int i = 0; i < configs.length; i++) {
                                   IConfiguration cf = configs[i];

                String[] valueList = null;
                String libName = "yes";
                String ext = "o";
                ITool cfTool = cf.getToolFromInputExtension(ext);
                String optLibsID = "";
                IOption option = cfTool.getOptionById(optLibsID);
                valueList = option.getLibraries();
                int len = valueList.length;
                String newList[] = new String[len + 1];
                System.arraycopy(valueList, 0, newList, 0, len);
                newList[len] = libName;
                //return newList;
                ManagedBuildManager.setOption(cf, cfTool, option, valueList);
                return null;

PLEASE HELP. I am stucked here since long. Truly requires help. I am just a beginner.

Thanks & Regards,
Sagar Zaveri

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