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RE: [cdt-dev] Couple issues with DSF


> Dmitry Smirnov
> Sent: Wednesday, February 11, 2009 11:50 AM
> > So there is value (sometimes) in connecting to the target and
> > immediately
> > giving control to the user?  I guess there could be an option in the
> > launch
> > for that.  Does CDI support it?  do you know?
> No, I don't know it.
> I suppose that debugger pauses a remote process(es) when it connects
> to remote target.
> And I just need an option to not resume it upon connection...
> > Can you write a bug?
> Do you mean a bug for adding new feature?

Yes, just a bugzilla bug that explains that it would be useful
to have the option not to resume on a remote connection.

> > This may also be related to 6.3
> > MI was not very complete in older GDBs
> I would like to note that in case of ARM debugging I'm using
> gdb- (crosscompiled ARM on windows/cygwin). You could
> find why I'm using this version GDB ML
> ( This version
> supports more robust implementation of 'info threads'
> What is interesting here is how Hardware Debugger configuration
> discover the stack frames. Are they using bt instead of
> -stack-list-frames ?

Interesting.  I wonder why GDB 6.8 -stack-list-frames does not work
in your case.

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