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Re: [cdt-dev] DSDP-DD memory plugins to CDT?

I feel I should add a little more background here. At the CDT summit in October we briefly discussed the memory rendering and whether we should try to contribute it to CDT. At the time and until recently, we were in a conversation with the Debug platform team to determine whether the rendering could be contributed there. In the end it doesn't seem that the rendering would be a good fit for the Platform project so we're trying to see if we can fold it into CDT as part of the larger move of components from the Device Debugging project to CDT. As far as the mechanics of contributing the memory rendering, we would probably need to create a new memory component to contain these, and I guess we would need to define a new optional feature for it as well. Having just gone through this for DSF and DSF-GDB I could help with the process.


Ted Williams wrote:

As part of the migration of DSF from DSDP-DD to CDT, we failed to transfer the DD memory plugins. There are three:

org.eclipse.dd.debug.memory.renderings.traditional (memory view rendering, maintenance)

org.eclipse.dd.debug.ui.memory.transport (import/export, experimental/collaboration desired) (find/replace, experimental/collaboration desired)

How do CDT folks feel about accepting these plugins?


Schaefer, Doug wrote:
Hey gang,
We have completed the legal and infrastructure setup to allow the physical move of the DSF code into the CDT repository. As a result, I'd like to welcome the following new CDT committers (all committers of DSF approved as part of the Move review): - Pawel Piech (Wind River) - cdt-debug-dsf Component Lead
- Mark Khouzam (Ericsson) - cdt-debug-dsf-gdb Component Lead
- Randy Rohrbach (Wind River)
- Ted Williams (Wind River)
- Francois Chouinard (Ericsson)
Very cool! Doug.

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