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[cdt-dev] DSDP-DD memory plugins to CDT?

As part of the migration of DSF from DSDP-DD to CDT, we failed to transfer the DD memory plugins. There are three:

org.eclipse.dd.debug.memory.renderings.traditional (memory view rendering, maintenance)

org.eclipse.dd.debug.ui.memory.transport (import/export, experimental/collaboration desired) (find/replace, experimental/collaboration desired)

How do CDT folks feel about accepting these plugins?


Schaefer, Doug wrote:
Hey gang,
We have completed the legal and infrastructure setup to allow the physical move of the DSF code into the CDT repository. As a result, I'd like to welcome the following new CDT committers (all committers of DSF approved as part of the Move review): - Pawel Piech (Wind River) - cdt-debug-dsf Component Lead
- Mark Khouzam (Ericsson) - cdt-debug-dsf-gdb Component Lead
- Randy Rohrbach (Wind River)
- Ted Williams (Wind River)
- Francois Chouinard (Ericsson)
Very cool! Doug.

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