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Re: [cdt-dev] Scanner Info discovery for make projects

On 20/01/2009 12:02 AM, Alex Chapiro wrote:
I'm tring to fix some problems in scanner context discovery implementation. I need it to customize CDT regular make project to our tool chain (GNU clone). Unfortunately documentation I found is definitely out of date (CDT 3),. That's why I cannot understand real developer's intention in some cases. One of the issues is a discovery profile. Specification describes two types of discovery: per project and per file. Technically each tool chain could have both implementations, or just any one of two. If both implemented, user should be able to select any of them. Is it right? If yes, I don't see a natural way how to do it.There is only one attribute in inputType element that connects particular tool to the particular scanner profile. Another option of interpretation is that developers didn't intend to let integrator to have both profiles for one tool simultaneously . May be? The second subject of my concern is the possibility to select any of all defined profiles for any project using combo box on the discovery options page (see field "Discovery profile".). Is it a bug ? When I look at this feature implementation, it seems to be done on purpose., so I feel myself to be confused. I don't say here about style of implementation (like private constants in code) which is the cause of troubles in customization process, because these are annoying but mainly solvable problems. More interesting to understand what is a correct behavior in this case. I'd appreciate clarification of the issue or just opinion how it should work, or reference to more fresh document.;;Thanks,

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I found more recent documentation in Bugzilla report 115935. I think that it would be much more convenient if design documentation and specs would be concentrated in one place.



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