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RE: [cdt-dev] Overrite "Show Tooltip Description (F2)" in CDT editors

Hi Deniz,
to override the default F2 hover action for an editor is to call 

   setAction(ITextEditorActionConstants.SHOW_INFORMATION, yourAction)

You would need to do this for every C/C++ editor instance that gets

Another possibility (requires CDT 5.x) is to contribute the API
documentation to the org.eclipse.cdt.ui.CHelpProvider or
org.eclipse.cdt.ui.HelpInfo extension points. The default F2 information
presenter will display the provided documentation in the same way as the
Documentation hover.



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CDT editors
	I asked a question sometime back on eclipse.platform forum. I
have not got any reply there, it seems it was wrong forums to ask.
	Link of my question on eclipse.platform  is here:
	Any idea ? 
	Thanks in advance. 

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