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[cdt-dev] Should the method FolderInfo.propertiesChanged() be called for all kinds of folders while creating folderInfo for the folders?

I found that the system calls FolderInfo.propertiesChanged() to adjust the ToolChain, Tools and Options of the folder while creating the folderInfo for the folder. No matter the folder is root or not. And this operation will automatically add the enumerated type options to the optionlist of Tools or ToolChain (if they have such type options).

And this will cause a problem. If we change an enumerated option in the project level, and this change could not be propagated to the folder level, since the folder has its own enumerated options by default. I am not sure if this is appropriate.


Could anyone give some comments about this? More details in Bug250686.



Best Regards,


Yi Zhang


China Runtime Technologies Lab,




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