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[cdt-dev] IStructure from name


I'm trying to parse a C++ method body in order to get some information.
The following code snippet shows my situation:

class AllTests {
	static CPPUNIT_NS::Test * suite() {
		std::auto_ptr<CPPUNIT_NS::TestSuite> suite(new
CPPUNIT_NS::TestSuite("AllTests") );

		// $ECUT-begin-tests$
			suite->addTest( SimpleTest::suite() );
		// $ECUT-end-tests$

		return suite.release();

I have the IStructure of "AllTests" and I want to get all IStructure
objects that are added within the "suite()" body.

I tried the following:
IStructure testSuiteClass = ...
String testSuiteSource = testSuiteClass.getSource();
String name = parseNextStructureName(testSuiteSource);

My question is where can I get the IStructure object when I have the
"String" name? Or must I use AST parsing here?

Thanx in advance.

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