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[cdt-dev] CDT Componentization Proposal

Time flies when your stuck in product development mode. This is way overdue but here is the proposal we came up with for componentization of the CDT.
Components are areas of responsibility to subdivide responsibility and to help provide focus on the individual areas for recruiting and evolution of the design of the component. Components have a lead who are responsible for it. That doesn't mean they have to fix all the bugs, but gives the CDT project lead someone to go to for release approvals, status, etc. We would also create Bugzilla components and inboxes for each of these components to help with that.
The proposed components and the proposed leads are:
Debug DSF - Pawel Piech (Wind River)
Debug DSF/GDB - Mark Khouzam (Ericsson)
Debug CDI - John Cortell (Freescale)
Debug CDI/GDB - Elana Laskavaia (QNX)
Debug Common - Ken Ryall (Nokia)
Build Standard - Elana Laskavaia (QNX)
Build Managed - Chris Recoskie (IBM)
Build Common - Elana Laskavaia (QNX)
Editor - Toni Leherbauer (Wind River)
Parser - Mike Kucera (IBM)
Indexer - Markus Schorn (Wind River)
Navigation - Markus Schorn (Wind River)
Refactoring - Emanual Graf (HSR)
Project Model - Doug Schaefer (Wind River)
Release Engineering - Vivian Kong (IBM)
User Assistance - Doug Schaefer (Wind River)
We'll discuss on the call in a few minutes. As well, those that can't make the call can comment here and we can close on this in the new few days. I'm particularly interested if we need component lead changes.

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