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Re: [cdt-dev] regular expression parser

Hi Marko,

I think that many users would use generic error parser and not only for C/C++ but for other languages and other contexts as well. We would definitely do as we use a number of tools for static analysis, compilation, unit testing, preprocessing, building etc. Most of these tools unaware of CDT GNU C/C++ Error Parser or other parsers provided by CDT. Still it is very desirable to get error markers in the editor and people are writing shell scripts to reformat the messages.
On the other hand, there are tons of bugs in bugzilla with complains that error parsers do not perfectly handle some particular error messages. Hey, just give people a way to tweak error parser to their special tool.

On Fri, Nov 28, 2008 at 5:27 AM, Marko Klopcic <markok@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I've implemented a regular expressions parser plug-in and posted it to newsgroop. (

It was suggested to contribute it to CDT. It is not a problem (it is
licensed under EPL anyway), but I'd like to solve one technical issue
Currently the name of the file containing regular expressions is
hardcoded, which means that only one such parser may exist in the
system. I think it would be better to have a parameter in the
extension point, for example 'config':

<extension id=...
          name="RegEx Error Parser - GCC ARM"
  <errorparser class="si.isystem.regexerrparser.RegExErrorParser"
               config="regEx/"/>    <-- NEW

Value of the 'config' attribute specifies config file in this example.
Parameter may also be useful for other error parsers.

GUI to edit the settings would be good. What about adding in Error Parsers tab in properties a button Edit where you could set it up?

Should I fill in an enhancement request for this attribute?
Are there any other suggestions?
Yes, if you are serious about that, I'd suggest to open a bug in bugzilla and work with a committer to make the code agreeable to current CDT standards. You might want to take a look at




Marko Klopcic, +386 1 5680695,
Asyst electronic d.o.o. / iSYSTEM AG
Brodisce 18, SI-1236 Trzin, SLOVENIA

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