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[cdt-dev] regular expression parser


I've implemented a regular expressions parser plug-in and posted it to newsgroop. (

It was suggested to contribute it to CDT. It is not a problem (it is
licensed under EPL anyway), but I'd like to solve one technical issue
Currently the name of the file containing regular expressions is
hardcoded, which means that only one such parser may exist in the
system. I think it would be better to have a parameter in the
extension point, for example 'config':

<extension id=...
           name="RegEx Error Parser - GCC ARM"
   <errorparser class="si.isystem.regexerrparser.RegExErrorParser"
                config="regEx/"/>    <-- NEW

Value of the 'config' attribute specifies config file in this example.
Parameter may also be useful for other error parsers.

Should I fill in an enhancement request for this attribute?
Are there any other suggestions?



Marko Klopcic, +386 1 5680695,
Asyst electronic d.o.o. / iSYSTEM AG
Brodisce 18, SI-1236 Trzin, SLOVENIA

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