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Re: [cdt-dev] Debug source lookup question

> I know about both, and will likely force them for new projects. The question I'm trying
> to establish -- primarily for our product, but also in general -- is whether CDT
> should *ever* sent -environment-directory command.
> One case where -environment-directory might still be needed is when user adds a
> source directory via CDT, and then uses commands like "list" in GDB console --
> which probably check the same paths. I don't know how common this use case is.

That's the only case I can think of as well.

For what it's worth, our target's launch only uses the absolute path
source lookup as well.  The reason I did this was the very long launch
startup-time we were seeing when discovering all the project paths to
pass to GDB (we run our Eclipses over NFS filesystems...).  See bug:

There are a number of peculiarities to do with launch and source
paths.  Previously, for example, the debugger would not attempt to set
breakpoints if the source location of the breakpoint couldn't be
resolved via the source lookup mechanism.  Elena committed a patch to
fix this (breakpoints are now set if the marker's IResource is in the
project) -- bug: .  Source lookup is
still used as a backup (which, as the absolute path container always
resolves the file, is probably wrong...).  I'm not sure either of use
figure out why the breakpoints are resolved via the source lookup
mechanism in the first place.  Mikhail perhaps you can shed some light
on this?



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