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[cdt-dev] Debug source lookup question

I've a couple of questions about how source lookup works with CDI/GDB.

1. In CDebugTarget.initializeSourceLookup, the list of all directories
for the ILaunch's source locator is collected, and then passed to 
getCDITarget().setSourcePaths, which eventually results in GDB 
-environment-directory command.

Why is this done? If I understand correctly, with properly setup
source locators CDT will be able to find the actual file even if
GDB reports filename without path. So, -environment-directory command
does not add anything. In fact, in hurts, because it causes GDB to
ignore full path information in debug info when it is present.

So, what is the intended purpose of ICDISourceManagement.setSourcePaths

2. As far as I can see, the ICDISourceManagement.getSourcePaths method
is not used anywhere. Why does it exist and what (future?) uses are intended?


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