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Re: [cdt-dev] How to exclude some of CDT property pages

> I'm new at CDT development. I'm using CDT 4.0. I want to add a new
> project nature which requires  managed project nature and a new
> builder different from CDT Builder and also a new project
> wizard. I'll use most of the project properties of a CDT project but
> i want to exclude some property pages like Discovery Options page or
> Builder Settings tab of C/C++ Build page. 
> When managed build nature is added to the project and .cproject file
> created, all of the C/C++ Build property pages came
> automatically. Is there any way of excluding some CDT project
> properties?


I once experimented with a setup where I still used the Managed Build
System, but without setting the managed build nature. Instead using a
different nature to which we could link only the property pages we
required. As you mention you want to use your own new project wizard
you should be able to use this scenario, but please note that it will
possibly require quite some more effort when upgrading to new CDT

-- Wieant

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