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[cdt-dev] The format of the command line (Bug241072)

Hi All,
     As I am examining Bug241072, I’d like to know that if we have a specification of the format of how to write the command line.
    As for the quotes (both double and single) in the command line, I think they may have two kinds of usage according to the source code. On one hand, the quotes may be part of the command line, and they are expected to be printed on the console. On the other hand, they might be used to enclose the comments, and in this case they need not to be printed. For the second condition, I am not sure if there are comments for the command line. However, as I found a variable called “inComment” in the source code, I guess it used to point out if the words are comments or not. 
    So I wonder if there are standards of writing the command line, so that the command line could be written according to these standards and the source code could print them correctly on the console. Please have a look at my patch as well and offer me more info about this.
     For the details, please refer .

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