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[cdt-dev] Inactive committers

Hey gang,
It's probably time to clean up our committer list. A number of committers have become inactive and don't participate any more at all. By Eclipse rules we should de-activate them. If you are on this list but plan future contributions, please let me know and we'll leave you active. If you're not on the list and you have a strong opinion, please let me know as well.
BTW, I don't think we have to vote on this. As project lead, I have the 'remove' button at my finger tips. We'll see what happens whin I hit it.
John Camelon
David Daoust
David Inglis
Alain Magloire
Andrew Niefer
Leo Treggiari would be on this list but I have received a request to leave him active as there was some hope he'd have time to contribute to the CDT again soon, which is great news.
Hmm, looking at this list makes me sad. All of these guys (except Dave Daoust maybe, but I can say that because he's my boss now/again :) have contributed immensely to the CDT we have today. We'll have to set up a Hall (or Wiki Page) of Fame to honor them and their contributions.
Also it seems that some of the old committers have fallen off the list automatically some how, including Jason M and Thomas Fletcher.
And finally, one of the important results of this exercise is to show how few active committers we really have. So I will be revisiting this list regularly.


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