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Re: [cdt-dev] How to Set Up C/C++ #include <...> vs. #include "..." Paths in Eclipse?

RTFM for gcc? It's not a CDT question...

The option you are looking for is -isystem which you will have to add as a miscellaneous option.

Tom Chappell wrote:
I have an Eclipse C++ Makefile-type project, trying to use Eclipse to view some existing C/C++ source code, using the Linux GCC tool chain.

The project's source files have some lines like this, using the <system> include-type:

#include <somefile.h>

...vs. the "project" include type:

#include "somefile.h"

My problem is that some of the files that are referenced by the #include <somefile.h> lines are not part of the standard Linux GCC, so, among other things, the C/C++ indexer is failing to index them. How can I teach Eclipse, and its C/C++ indexer, some additional paths to search for to find "system"-type files via #include <somefile.h>?

Of course, there is the [Project Properties, C/C++ General, Paths and Symbols], but these seem only to set up the paths for the #include "somefile.h"-type includes. That's perfectly legitimate, but I expect there to be a way, somehow, to augment the #include <somefile.h>-type include paths. I am *particularly* interested in doing this for the the benefit of the indexer.

But how?



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