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[cdt-dev] Source Lookup Path with Cygwin-hosted toolchain

Hi all,

I am developping a CDT plugin integrating a Cygwin hosted ARM toolchain.
I currently have a problem with source lookup path when debugging (ie. I get
this when I hit a breakpoint: Can't find a source file at
"/cygdrive/c/Documents and
Settings/dax/runtime-EclipseApplication/Catapou/src/Catapou.cpp" )

I'm quite lost in all that source code, from what I understand, I'd need to
add MapEntrySourceContainers to a MappingSourceContainer. When I do it from
Edit-Preferences->C/C++->Debug->Common Source Lookup Path, it does indeed

I now need to automate the process when the detected platform is Windows but
I can't find where I can add a SourceContainer to the LookupDirector. Could
someone point me towards a solution? Is there any source code in CDT doing
this for Cygwin hosted GCC toolchain (I suppose the same problem is handled
in some way).

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