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Re: [cdt-dev] Refreshing UI when using IManagedOptionValueHandler

Yes, i think its just the same like enablements, just some more possibilities.
The main problem of updating options with new values(and show it to the user) didnt get solved...

>>> Instead of using IOptionApplicability.isOptionUsedInCommandLine like
>>> James suggested you can also use IOptionApplicability.isOptionEnabled.
>>> That way, given the above example, you can have otherflag1 and
>>> otherflag2 enabled only if O3 is selected, that means the user can
>>> still check/uncheck them, but only if O3 is selected. Dito for the enum
>>> flags, in case O3 is selected only flag2/flag3 are shown so the user
>>> can still select both of them.
>> Looks good, i will take a try.
>> Which class from cdt implements IOptionApplicability ?
>You will have to write your own implementation with your specific
>enablement handling, then specify that class in the
>applicabilityCalculator attribute of every option that uses
>that specific enablement.
>You can also have a look at the 'enablement' extension element that can
>be specified for an option, it may be sufficient in your case and
>saves you the hassle of going through buildobjects, derived options
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