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Re: [cdt-dev] Refreshing UI when using IManagedOptionValueHandler

I can dynamicly enable/disabled options now with implementing those functions,
but the UI with the new values of an enum still didnt get updated...

>>>> The problem is that the compiler of my toolchain needs additional 
>>>> optimization flags when i change the optimization level:
>>>> When optimization level 0 is set, no other flags are needed, so they
>>>> can be disabled.  When i change to optimization level 3 for example,
>>>> two other flags have get enabled now and one enum flag has to get
>>>> changed to an other value.
>>> E.g. something like this?
>>> Optimization level (enumerated option)
>>>   O0 (enumeratedOptionValue)
>>>   O1 (enumeratedOptionValue)
>>>   O2 (enumeratedOptionValue)
>>>   O3 (enumeratedOptionValue)
>>> otherflag1 (boolean option) -> enable if O3
>>> otherflag2 (boolean option) -> enable if O3
>>> Other enumerated option
>>>   flag1 (enable if O1)
>>>   flag2 (enable if O1|O2|O3)
>>>   flag3 (enable if O3)
>> But if i do this, the user has no chance to work manually with the options,
>> because all is based on enablements.
>Instead of using IOptionApplicability.isOptionUsedInCommandLine like
>James suggested you can also use IOptionApplicability.isOptionEnabled.
>That way, given the above example, you can have otherflag1 and
>otherflag2 enabled only if O3 is selected, that means the user can
>still check/uncheck them, but only if O3 is selected. Dito for the enum
>flags, in case O3 is selected only flag2/flag3 are shown so the user
>can still select both of them.
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