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Re: [cdt-dev] Why is org.eclipse.cdt.internal.errorparsers internal?

>> wrote:
>>     AFAIK, this is ancient history. I'm not sure anyone would remember
>>     why it's like that. We'd certainly accept contributions to clean
>>     this up in 5.1.
>> That sounds promising. Perhaps you can arrange review of the patch  
>> attached to bug 215492  
>> <> last January? I  
>> would volunteer to make any corrections if necessary if the author is  
>> not available.

> I can apply it, is everybody ok with that? To be save I can keep
> classes in internal (extending originals) and deprecate them.  This
> patch basically moves ErrorPattern and AbstractErrorParser from
> org.eclipse.cdt.internal.errorparsers to org.eclipse.cdt.errorparsers

Just one small remark, shouldn't the toolchain specific errorparsers
like GCCErrorParser be moved to their own (gnu) plugins?

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