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AW: AW: [cdt-dev] RE: Adding MakeTargets takes a long time andconsumesahuge amount of heap

>Hi Thomas,
>would you mind sharing your patch here? I need to do something 
>similar, and I would love to learn from your changes...
>  Achim

Hi Achim,

sure I don't mind sharing the patch here. I made the changes in the
package org.eclipse.cdt.make.core version 4.0.3. In the file I added the following two methods:

public void addTargetNoWrite(IContainer container, IMakeTarget target)
throws CoreException {
      if (container instanceof IWorkspaceRoot) {
         throw new CoreException(new Status(IStatus.ERROR,
MakeCorePlugin.getUniqueIdentifier(), -1,
null)); //$NON-NLS-1$
      ProjectTargets projectTargets =
      if (projectTargets == null) {
         projectTargets = readTargets(target.getProject());
      ((MakeTarget) target).setContainer(container == null ?
target.getProject() : container);
      projectTargets.add((MakeTarget) target);
      notifyListeners(new MakeTargetEvent(this,
MakeTargetEvent.TARGET_ADD, target));

public void save(IProject prj) {
      ProjectTargets projectTargets =
      if (projectTargets == null) {
         projectTargets = readTargets(prj);
      try {
      } catch (CoreException e) {

The method addTargetNoWrite is nearly the same than the original
function addTarget, I only omitted the writeTargets call. 
In the job creating all my targets I now call 'addTargetNoWrite' instead
of 'addTarget' and after I finished adding all desired targets I call
the method 'save' once. 

I hope this helps for your project.

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