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[cdt-dev] Out of memory errors from Indexer?


I am batch creating a bunch of C projects by creating the project and importing resources into them. While I am creating the projects, I disable indexing (as shown by Warren Paul in the newgroups a couple of days ago). I also switch off automatic build.

When I have finished creating the projects, I then enable automatic build and start the indexer on each of the projects (again, as shown by Warren Paul).

The projects are "managed" make projects with between 5 and 30 source files (so not large projects).

I am finding that 9 times out of ten, I get an "Out of Memory" error. If I switch indexing off completely, then I no longer get the error.

I am using the 'standard' values for Java heap etc. (i.e. I am not explicitly setting them).

Any ideas on why this is happening?

BTW: Eclipse 3.3/CDT 4.0.2/Java 1.6

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