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[cdt-dev] Invite: CDT Summit Fall 2008

Hey gang,
We've talked about this for a while, but I should really make a formal announcement about it. The CDT Fall Summit will be held again this year Tues-Thurs, Sept 23-25, this time at the IBM Software Lab in Toronto, Canada. Details are on the wiki here:
As always with this thing, space is limited and we need to keep the conversation at the implementation detail level to make sure we walk away from it with good plans for the next CDT release. If you are a contributor or plan on working on something in the CDT please feel free to register yourself on the wiki. If you are just interested in what's happening with the CDT, then EclipseCon 2009 is probably the better venue for you where space is pretty much unlimited and the parties bigger :).
Please feel free to add to the agenda, or fix up the page if I missed anything.
I hope to see you next month in Toronto,

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