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[cdt-dev] Close bug 169107

Should Bug 169107 be closed?
Turns out I ran into this bug recently, but ultimately found out that it was a result of my using an old version of GDB.  When I used the latest GDB (6.8), the problem went away.  I found that my older version of GDB didn't handle:
    thread X
correctly, given that some other thread, Y, hit a breakpoint.  Instead of stepping X, the older GDB stepped Y.  GDB 6.8 correctly steps X.
This bug was filed a while ago (Dec 2006), so maybe the original filer was also running a version of GDB that didn't handle "thread X" correctly?
If people agree, it'd be nice if 169107 was closed.  For a brief time, I thought 169107 meant the incorrect thread stepping behavior I saw in Eclipse/CDT was because of a CDT bug.  Only after I looked into the GDB issue did I realize that 169107 was a red herring.  Both when I tested GDB 6.8 from the command line and via Eclipse/CDT, the behavior was correct:  If thread Y hit a breakpoint, but I then selected thread X and hit "Step Over", it correctly stepped X when I was using 6.8.
Rich Wagner
Senior Engineer
Tilera Corporation

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