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RE: [cdt-dev] inconsistent ASTNodeLocations vs SourceCodeEditor

The AST represents a snapshot of your source-code and will not change afterwards. If you need an AST for the modified code, you need to recreate it.
If you just need to convert positions, you can use CCorePlugin.getPositionTrackerManager().

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Subject: [cdt-dev] inconsistent ASTNodeLocations vs SourceCodeEditor
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hi (again)

I have an AST from a workingCopy and would like to go to the FileLocation of certain nodes in it, but as one writes in the editor the ASTNodes locations does not change accordingly to the changes of the editor.
How do I get the ASTNodes to update their locations as the editor changes?

IWorkingCopy iWorkingCopy = CUIPlugin.getDefault().getWorkingCopyManager().getWorkingCopy(editor.getEditorInput());
ICElement element = iWorkingCopy;
if (element instanceof ITranslationUnit) {
    tu = ((ITranslationUnit)element);

then on some node in the AST
iASTNode.getFileLocation(); // will reference the location it was when it first got the AST, its not updating its location as the workingCopy changes

Anyone who can tell how to get the AST updated...
I tried

iWorkingCopy.reconcil(); // all overloaded versions of this one...
iWorkingCopy.commit(force, monitor);
tu.makeConsistent(); // all overloaded versions of this one...

Do I need to listen to the editors changes manually and then update all nodes when I need to go to their location? or even worse, parse the workingCopy from start to get it updated?

I hate tial&error programming... any pointers is greatly appreciated


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