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RE: [cdt-dev] CDT install from Ganymede update site confusing

My intention was to find some way of hiding the Platform but we had
issues with that and properly generating the source features.

At any rate, for those that ask. The Platform is the CDT with the GNU
toolchain support stripped out. This is so that vendors can build a CDT
without them more easily. The Tools one is what most users of the
Ganymede site will want which is really the same as the old CDT feature.

If there isn't a bug on this, there should be.


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> Subject: [cdt-dev] CDT install from Ganymede update site confusing
> Hi guys,
> This came up on the newsgroups, and I think it's a valid 
> query.  When a user tries to install CDT from the update 
> site, they're presented with three options:
> Eclipse C/C++ Development Platform
> Eclipse C/C++ Development Tools
> Mylin Bridge: C/C++ Development
> Now I know I don't want the Mylyn integration, but the first 
> two seem identical... Right-click > Properties on them gives me: 
> Tools: Eclipse C/C++ development tools. (Binary runtime and user
> documentation.)
> Platform: Eclipse C/C++ Development Platform. It contains no 
> toolchain integrations.
> For end users this is confusing, could these two options be 
> condensed to one?
> Cheers,
> James
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