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[cdt-dev] debug problem in Eclipse3.2.2 + CDT3.1.2

Hi, there

This problem confused me for days and I still don't have a clue.

My develop IDE is Eclipse3.2.2+CDT3.1.2 under ubuntu. I develop my own application basing on some open source projects, such as OCILIB(a lib that wraps oracle oci APIs), and NET-SNMP(a well-known snmp library). 

First of all, I download those source code from, make and install them without problem and all things are ok. And I made up a new project with Eclipse+CDT, using those libraries with -l and -L option to build my own application binary file. Also, everything's ok. 

But when I debug my application, I found that I can't step over the function builded in some shared libraries(the open source projects), when I press F6, sometimes debugger will trace into the function, but if you keep pressing F6, debugger will terminated with a error, reported 'can not find bounds of current function'. and the error always occured in another thread other than the main() thread. I can confirm that all the shared libraries are compiled with -g flag. And the output application binary file seems to be ok because it runs ok in command line.

Could anybody help me on this? Thanks very much.

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