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RE: [cdt-dev] deadlocks

I have no problem with the fix for 5.0.1 as you've laid it out. I do
worry about potential corruption due to unsychronized access to the
descriptor data. But that's probably less likely than the deadlock.

Long term, though, i.e. 5.1, we need to get to the bottom of this stuff.


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> Subject: [cdt-dev] deadlocks
> I get across another dead-lock between jobs and locking 
> CProjectDescriptiorManager.
> To fix it for good we may need to use eclipse locking which 
> can "undeadlock" things, but for now I want to apply simple 
> fix that applied to this particular problem 
> If nobody has any objections I would commit the patch. 
> Technically as Doug mentioned in pr, it can create other 
> problems, but I don't think it would in this particular case 
> because this method is called without the lock most of the 
> time (and this is maybe a reason that it is hard to reproduce 
> in practice).
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