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RE: [cdt-dev] Question on future debugger interface


The new DSF-based debugging frontend that can also be used with the CDT
also has an MI layer.  If Frysk was to use the MI protocol, I think its
usage would be easier to implement for DSF.

Also, GDB is evolving the MI interface for such things as non-stop
debugging and multi-process debugging.  So, MI has some effort being
put into it.  I believe an API library would need to be defined from the
start, which seems to be more work, for Frysk and for DSF.

So, I think from an "amount of work" point-of-view, using MI is better.
>From a "best technical solution" point-of-view, I don't have enough
experience to have an opinion.


P.S. Added the DD (DSF) list in CC.

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> Hi all,
> The open source Frysk debugger development 
> team( is currently debating how best to 
> integrate with the Eclipse CDT plugin.  We have been 
> discussing the pros 
> and cons of the two different ways to interface: 1) have an 
> API library 
> such as libfrysk or 2) use the current wire protocol used by 
> gdb/mi that 
> is currently in use in the CDT. 
> The Frysk team would very much appreciate the opinion(s) of the CDT 
> developers as regards to which way they would prefer to see a 
> debugger 
> interface with the CDT and why. Which way would make it the 
> easiest for 
> developers to use?  
> Thank you in advance for your time.
> Rick
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