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[cdt-dev] Re: Programitically Changing The Project Location

To add to my question, is it also possible to set the initial project
name? I am asking this, because I am trying to make it possible to
check-out a project from CVS and the project name has to be the same
as the module name in CVS.

I noticed that the CDTMainWizardPage class has a function called
setInitialProjectName, which should accomplish just this. But it has
to be called before the page is created, which is not sure how I can
accomplish. I tried to do this from setWizard() function of a custom
page, but at that time      CDTMainWizardPage
 returns null, so I am guessing it has not been added to the wizard yet.

Karol Krizka

On Wed, Jul 2, 2008 at 4:24 PM, Karol Krizka <kkrizka@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am wondering if it is possible to change the project location in the
> "New Project Wizard" using a plugin. The reason I am asking this is
> because I am working on a projectType that is being organized into
> packages and I want new projects to be created in folders
> corresponding to the package it is in. For example, let's say that I
> have project Foo that is part of package Cool. When I create a new
> project, I want to give it the name Foo, but when I click finish I
> want it to be created in workspace:/Cool/Foo.
>  I know I can manually change the project location in the first page
> of the wizard, but I would prefer to do it automatically because
> sometimes the package names will be long and hard to remember to
> specify. I was thinking of creating another wizard page that gave one
> a list of possible packages and somehow modified the project path
> relative to the workspace before the project was created based on the
> selection. Is this possible? I mean, do I have write access to the
> project description so I can use
> IProjectDescription.setLocation("workspace:/Cool/Foo")?
> --
> Cheers,
> Karol Krizka

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